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Chris Burton's Performance at Kronenberg 2024

Chris Burton, thrilled to be back in the eventing saddle, showcased his prowess at the Kronenberg 2024 I · CCI4*-S event, securing his first Olympic qualification run with his exceptional rides on Clever Louis and Shadow Man. In a post-event interview with the team, Burton provided insights into his weekend journey, offering a glimpse into his remarkable bond with the horses and his plans for the future.


Burton first expressed his delight at the congenial atmosphere of the event, highlighting the warm welcome back extended by fellow competitors and organisers alike. Reflecting on his rides, he emphasized the familiar partnership he shares with Clever Louis, owned by the Guy family and Chedington Equestrian. This familiarity, Burton revealed, significantly contributed to their performance, highlighting the importance of a strong rider-horse relationship.


Regarding Shadow Man, Burton expressed that he is “a totally unique animal, who is incredibly careful in the showjumping ring”. Despite coming out quite ‘lit up’, Burton marvelled at Shadow Man’s ability to “know his job like an old pro”, attributing much of the horse’s ease and enjoyment in the competition arena to the previous trainer, Ben Hobday.


When questioned about the difference between Clever Louis and Shadow Man, Burton explained that they are “hugely different, they couldn’t be more different horses!” While Clever Louis is a “feisty thoroughbred”, Shadow Man is a “big, full-scope machine.” Burton's ability to easily adapt and get the best from each horse truly highlights his versatility as a rider.


In response to the difficulty of chopping and changing between two polar opposite rides, Burton referenced his experience with his two grand prix showjumping horses, Hazy and Jackson, who are equally as different from each other. He made clear he’s “always been happy to ride and enjoy whichever type of horse he’s been given”.


Looking ahead, Burton outlined his ambitious agenda, with a calendar packed to the brim with competition, including international engagements spanning Poland to St Tropez, with sights on Windsor in May. Burton reiterated his gratitude to his team behind the scenes, who very much keep this show on the road and navigate their global logistics endeavours with ease!

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