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Renowned Australian Equestrian Chris Burton Returns to Eventing With Big Ambitions for Paris 2024 Qualifications

Updated: Mar 30


United Kingdom - March 8, 2024 - After a successful career shift to showjumping back in 2022, decorated Australian eventer Chris Burton is returning to his roots with one clear goal in mind - qualifying for the Paris 2024 Olympics in Eventing on behalf of the Australian team. To mark his return, Burton has taken on the ride of Steve Hobday and Jane Chambers' exciting 14-year-old gelding, Shadow Man, as he sets his sights on Olympic glory.
Olympic bronze-medallist, Chris Burton, known for his exceptional talent and numerous accolades in eventing, having spent considerable time ranked within the top 3 in the world, brings a wealth of experience and skill to his latest challenge. With a career spanning decades, including multiple wins at 5* level and being deemed the World’s Fastest Short-format Rider, Burton's return to eventing has sparked excitement and anticipation within the equestrian community.
“I am really excited to have this opportunity. I have always admired Shadow Man and I am loving getting to know him - I have loved every ride I have had on him so far, he is an extraordinary horse” expressed Burton. “We have an intense few months ahead of us but it will be made that bit easier by having such a lovely horse that has been so well produced by Ben up to this level. We are all really excited about the road ahead, as steep as it may be.”
Shadow Man, the 17.1hh gelding previously ridden by Ben Hobday, has a wealth of experience in both showjumping and eventing, making him a formidable partner for Burton's Olympic aspirations. Under Burton's expert guidance, the duo aims to demonstrate their prowess on the eventing circuit, ultimately aiming for their Olympic qualification selection.
“As a rider this was a hard decision, but as a horseman it made sense to give him the best chance to live up to his potential” conveyed Hobday. “I believe he’s the best horse in the world, and with team Australia he has that chance to prove it. I am fully behind Chris and his team. You are Super Fidgy!!”
In addition to his eventing pursuits, Chris Burton will still be campaigning for selection for the Australian showjumping team for Paris 2024. Riding Chedington Hazy Toulana, who has already secured the qualification, Burton's dual focus reflects his versatility and dedication to representing Australia on the global stage. Not satisfied with only the two qualifications in his sights, Chris’ second horse, Jacksonville Eurohill, is also aiming for qualification alongside ‘Hazy’.
"Competing in two disciplines simultaneously presents a unique challenge, but I am fully committed to the cause. I am so fortunate to have the support of the Guy Family at Chedington Equestrian who have shown unwavering support and enthusiasm for our ambitious pursuit” remarked Burton.
As Burton embarks on this exciting journey, the equestrian community will be eagerly following his performances and rally behind him in support of his Olympic dreams. With his unparalleled talent and experience within the sport, Chris Burton embodies the spirit of sportsmanship, setting the stage for a thrilling Olympic campaign.

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Mar 12

This is amazing, if i had a dollar for every time I wished Burto was back, I would be a millionaire!

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